Friday, June 25, 2010

IT and Organisational Performance

Topic :: Data Center Virtualization

  • Introduction to Datacenter Virtualization .
  • Knowing Virtualization and it's concepts
  • What is Hardware utilization  ...?
  • How we implemeted Virtualization in our datacenter

  • Conclusion

Introduction to Datacenter Virtualization
                              As we know VMware had announced about the Virtualization technologies in very past and what happend  nowaday's most of the organisation's are focusing in the IT programm's . We very well know that , every organisation are investing big amount  for their IT related operattion's .The CEO's and MD's of different enterprises had a confference and think about the cost cutting in the IT operation's to reduce their financial problems . The idea behind the Virtualisation is nothing but which we had discussed in the last sentence .The Datacenter greening and Virtualization are the two term's which arised ih the confference .  The Datacenter greening is mainly aimed the power consumption in the datacenters and the Virtualization aimed the Hardware utilization .             

                                 Virtualisation is the decoupling of information(data and programs) from the platform(hardware or OS) used to store, operate, or display that information . Or to put it another way it is an abstraction of computing resources into useful chunks separating the logical from physical resources

Two Approaches to Managing Virtual Machines

VMware Infrastructure Client (VI Client) is a flexible, configurable solution for managing your virtual machines. There are two primary methods for managing your virtual machines:

 Directly through an ESX Server host (a single or standalone host) that can manage only those virtual machines, and their resources, installed on it.

 Through a VirtualCenter Server that manages multiple virtual machines and their resources distributed over many ESX Server hosts.